Full Name and Font Name get overwritten by Family Name

In my Export tab I’ve added instances for a trial of a typeface called OPR Genetik with a style called Fine and Fine Trial to differentiate between the trial from the full one. There is a custom parameter to only keep selected glyphs in the trial. I also added a Full Name (OPR Genetik Trial Fine) and a Font Name (OPRGenetikTrial-Fine) entry in said instance. After exporting as .otf and opening the .otfs in Glyphs 3 (or using it in Adobe Software for that matter) the file name is correct. However, the font name turns back to OPR Genetik with a Fine Trial style.

Family Name: OPR Genetik
Export: Fine Trial
Full Name: OPR Genetik Trial Fine
Font Name: OPRGenetikTrial-Fine
After export currently: OPR Genetik Fine Trial
After export expected: OPR Genetik Trial Fine

Is there anything I’m overlooking/misunderstanding?

I think you have to set your export name to “Trial Fine”, and it will solve your problem.

Hey there, thanks a lot for the fast reply! Unfortunately, it doesn’t work. My Family Name is still showing up (LAB028) which I ofc don’t want.

Then, why your Family Name is OPR Arcadia LAB028 instead of OPR Arcadia ?

Why not add a “Family Name” parameter instead of the “Full” and “Font” name?

As far as I can see, the Full/Name parameter are working as expected.

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