G3 3.0.2 (3050) re-interpolate of brace layer not working

Single axis setup, layers called M1 and M2, compatible glyph with a single brace layer {310} does not interpolate with the command ‘re-interpolate’.

Who do you plan to interpolate in a one master setup?

Sorry, I meant one axis

Update: I restarted the app (again) and now it works, I don’t think I changed anything else.

How did you setup the brace layer? It is not done by the name any more, but by right clicking and picking a layer type.

Ah, thanks Georg, that might explain the erratic behaviour. I did it the old way.

And then re-opening the file will convert it to the proper format :wink: You might have notices that after re-opening the file, the layer name is Bold.

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