G3 Export Error converting PostScript

Hi, I’m getting this error while exporting static test otf fonts from Glyphs3.
Any idea what might be causing it?

“There was a problem converting the PostScript source font (Bold)”


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Same here. Some observations:

  • It appears randomly, but mostly for the same instance
  • I have the feeling it happens to the instances that (almost) match a master only
  • The latest observation: The only change I made was moving few nodes a bit
  • At some point (after changes) it starts to work again
  • I went back in history (Git) a few commits, and it was still failing. But for those versions it was exporting before. I went back further till it worked. Then I switched back to the latest version which was failing before and it exported without any issue.

In the last days, this bug appeared and disappeared more than five times. I’ll let you know as soon as I notice any pattern. For now I assume this is a bug and not related to the font file.

Glyphs 3.0.1 (3039)

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I worked on it a bit so it might be fixed in the latest cutting edge version.

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Thank you, works fine now.