G3 File format Save to G2 format

I have a font made by Glyphs 2, and everything works fine. I updated the version of G3 last month. There are many problems when opening this file with G3 to export fonts:

  1. An error was reported when exporting variable fonts, and I could not find a solution

  2. The font style menu in Ai is all displayed as “Regular”

  3. The font weight cannot be changed through the style menu in Indesign

  4. Glyphs 2 file size 23MB, Glyphs 3 File size 58MB

Now, I want to export fonts in G2, I think that is more reliable, but this error appears

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I would keep it in Glyphs 3 and we fix the problems.

First, try the latest beta please. Some of the issues are already taken care of. Go to Glyphs > Preferences > Updates, activate both checkboxes and press the Update button.

Then, for the feature variations, consider switching from bracket layers to a condition feature.

And for the instances, we need to make a few settings in Font Info > Exports. I would add a Variable Font Setting, and examine your settings in the instances.