G3: Glyphs Project File doesn't export .eot

Other formats export but the file doesn’t finish the process when .eot is included.
I also noticed that Glyphs 3 doesn’t export with DSIG tables, how can add one inside of Glyphs?

Not just the project file, also from a regular .glyphs file. EOT export is currently not working. Will file an issue, but it will not be high on the list, since EOT is very outdated and problematic. What do you need EOT still for? To my knowledge, there are no current browsers that support EOT at all.

(I work with Federico on this) -> We know, and we are in the process of convincing the client to drop the eot, but until now they have been requesting it, since they answer to their own client… Will do without with these added arguments, don’t bother to fill out an issue, this format is useless anyway.

If you export as .ttf, Glyphs should add a DSIG table. It was never needed for .otf.