G3: iterating/editing values in infobox

I noticed new behaviour of editing values in the info box, and I am not sure if this is intentional or some kind of bug:

when using the tab key to iterate over the values in the info box, there have been two »circles« in Glyphs2:
see screencast:

in Glyhs3 kerning and metrics values are not seperated, and iterating over these values is not cycling, instead it jumps to pointsize value and after that it disappears, as you can see here (version 3033, MacOS 10.14):

If possible I would prefer to have the »old« behaviour in Glyphs 3.

Cannot reproduce in build 3033, macOS 10.15.7:


Same for LSB, RSB, width.

Does it still happen after a system restart? In a different user?

system restart does not help, but different user is effective.


Does it work if you start without plug-ins? Hold down option and shift when you launch Glyphs.

No, same situation without plug-ins.

That it works with a different user means that there is a system setting that causes this.