G3 Keeps Crashing

My G3 keeps crashing when I use it, I’ve updated to the latest version but it still crashes. The version I have is Version: 3.2 (3179) on MacOS Mojave. can someone help me solve this problem? Thank you!

G3 Crashed.pdf (180.3 KB)

This looks like a crash caused by the Sync Metrics Keys plugin. Uninstall it, relaunch Glyphs and see if the issues persists.

Still Crashing, this crash when i do something specific like when i open and edit letter “a” beside another letter it will crash immediately. may i sending my file so you can try by yourself?

I’ll have a look. Send the file and a list of the plugins you have currently installed.

I have sent it via private message. Thank you!

Works for me. What OS version are you on? And can you describe the workflow that leads to the crash? I can edit the /a glyph next to other glyphs.

I’m using Mojave. I open the file and do the second master (condensed style) and then I want to edit & zoom in the node of the letter /a (ink trap), next to the letter /G. And the G3 immediately crashes.

but I think the OS version has an effect on this, because now when I try on my imac (the error occurs on the macbook) which uses OS Monterey, the error doesn’t occur.

Can you send a new crash report?

Here is the new crash report when im using my macbook with OS Mojave:
New Crash Report.pdf (178.3 KB)

The sync metric plugin was still installed. Can you update to the latest version of the plugin. I fixed it to prevent this crash.

Running into a lot of crashes usually when exporting but randomly while editing something. I can’t pin down what is causing it although there is one replicable way I am getting it to crash…by double-clicking a component. With exporting, it works fine sometimes then I make some changes to the drawing/spacing and export…then it suddenly crashes. No error message.

It is happening on 3.2 (3182) and 3.1.2 (3151), even with plugins disabled.

Sent a bunch of crash reports. Did those come through?

I saw your crashes. Can you send me a list of all installed plugins? And are you sure it is crashing without plugins? The crash looks like the one that was caused by the Sync metrics plugin.

I saw the Sync Metrics error. I removed it.
And now I just removed all plugins/repos/scripts…and it still happens on export.
I’m guessing it’s with the file. Maybe something with overlap removal because there are combinations of components, outlines, masks?

Sent more reports with time removing more plugins. The last one should be with everything removed.

Sidenote: Doesn’t seem like the Remove button when you get an error message actually removes the plugins.

Can you send some of the export related crash reports? And could you send me the .glyphs file?

Just filed a few more and sent the file