G3 repeated crashes

I test the G3 and get crashes all the time. I have a macBook Pro 2019, latest OS, Glyphs are also with the cut edge updates and the 2nd works fine. But 3 is not. There are 2 scenarious - the program crashes itself or the OS crashes, so a need to reboot comp, caused by Finder hungings. I tried to work with files of 2nd version and started from scratch — nothing. The problem is that I cannot understand at what point this happens, there are no special cases.

Is it so unlucky for me? Or is the product still damp? Maybe it makes sense to wait?

What version do you use specifically (the four digit number starting with ‘30’)?
Can you send some crash reports (the one that comes up when you restart the app)?
Do you have any plugins installed?

3.0.3 (3083)

Not yet. After rebooting, I don’t see the report. 1 time there were OS reports, but I did not save. Maybe the logs are saved somewhere?

I installed some plugins but deinstalled all of them. Now installed mekkablue Scripts and Python and Vanilla modules.

I ready to track bugs but how to log crashes?

The it crashes, there should be the crash dialog from the system. It has a “Details” button. Can you click that and send me the first few pages of that text?

I found crash reports. Attached here.Craches.zip (570.7 KB)

Can you send me the .glyphs file you are working on?

I’ve sent in a private message.

Not sure yet, but there is a hypothesis that this is due to the use of the Google Drive Synchronizer. I turned it off, now I want to check it out.