Gap Finder script not working

If I try to run the GapFinder script from @mekkablue nothing happens. No new tab, no matter what values I use. Anyone has the same problem?

Macro window says:

GapFinder Error: global name 'GSUppercase' is not defined
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "", line 303, in GapFinderMain
    firstList = self.listOfNamesForCategories( thisFont, firstCategory, firstSubCategory, script, excludedGlyphNameParts, excludeNonExporting )
  File "", line 179, in listOfNamesForCategories
    "Uppercase": GSUppercase,
NameError: global name 'GSUppercase' is not defined

It works for me in Glyphs 3. Which app version are you using?

Version 2.6.7 (1355)

Fixed. Thx for reporting.