Garbled characters in Custom Parameter

Glyphs 1.4.1
OS X 10.7.5/10.8.5

The Japanese font name setting is garbled in value of custom parameter.

preferredFamilyName/preferredSubfamilyName etc.: Backslash is deleted.
fileName: Garbled Japanese characters.

example ->


The preferred family names parameters do not allow ninja tin entries an do not allow the name table numbers. But this is actually a good idea.

And of course I will fix the saving/loading issue.

I give thanks on behalf of a Japanese user.

Is ninja thin a backslash? Interesting.

The ‘name’ table of an OpenType CJK font needs Platform, Script, and Language ID.

Ninja tin:

Ninja Tin

(Sorry, couldn’t resist.)

A Japanese cannot understand it …

Yeah what is Ninja tin?

Now I get it. That has to be a autocorrect mistake. I wanted to say.

do not allow localized entries

Sorry for the confusion


I give everybody a ideographic of Ninja tin! -> 忍者珍