GASP table and other hinting settings

Would Georg or Rainer please post a list—I’m not asking for a tutorial—of the TTF settings in Glyphs 2?

Also, is there a way to handle dropout control in Glyphs 2?

It is coming.

Any idea how soon? I’ve managed to do some great hinting with Glyphs 2 but it’s useless if I can’t enable dropout control.

I will contact you via e-mail.

I see the current default value is

“GASP Table” = “{\n\t8 = 10;\n\t20 = 7;\n\t65535 = 15;\n}\n”;

This has a human-readable explanation:

I’m curious why these default values are as they are?

The values were suggested by Rob McKaughan.

OK cool :slight_smile: Thanks!

I would like to set my “GASP Table” custom parameter so that it does DO_GRAY and SYMMETRIC_SMOOTHING <= 8px (0b1010), and it enables all four bits (0b1111) for all other sizes.
I don’t need nor want an intermediate gasp range where the SYMMETRIC_SMOOTHING (bit 3, 0x0008) is turned off.
However seems to enforce the presence of this middle range, and there seems to be no way neither from the GUI to set the gasp ranges to only two.

This is the way I’d like the set the custom parameter:

name = “GASP Table”;
value = {
7 = 10;
65535 = 15;

I can do that by editing the plain-text .glyphs source file, and applies that just fine when I export the TTF.

However if I then try to double click on this edited custom parameter, I get this error:

@GeorgSeifert could you please allow to set only one or two ranges in the Gasp Table panel, instead of forcing three all the time?


Is this now possible?

I didn’t change that, yet. thanks for the reminder.

Reviving this old thread. Has there been an update to be able to set custom ranges / hinting options in Glyphs? I’d like not to have to go into OTMA and tweak the GASP tables every time. :slight_smile:

You can set the gaps table with a script. The value is a dict with size keys and a bitfield as value.

so the fault setting from the UI would be:

Font.customParameters["GASP Table"] = { 10 : 10, 20 : 7 } 

You can use any bits you like