Gathering Latin and Arabic languages in one set


I have two separated fonts one Latin and the second one is Arabic and I need to transfer the Latin glyphs to add them to Arabic glyphs so in this way I shall have the two fonts in one set in addition, when I export the glyphs to fonts type ( TIFF ) and install the font I can switch between them easily.



you can simply copy & paste them into Arabic one, use “Paste Special” command is so practical for that, & below a similar discussions… at the end you will have one font , no need to switch to another font…


Sorry but there is no special paste as you see in the indicated picture below:


yes, it’s only available by keyboard shortcuts [cmd + alt + v]


جزاك الله خير ورزقك الله الجنة مع من تحب


Hold down the Alt (Option) key on your keyboard, and Paste will turn into Paste Special.


thank you for your kindness,