Gauge tool not working in 3.0.3 (3086)

Just updated to 3.0.3 (3086) and it appears that the gauge tool has stopped working. I’ve got my dimensions set and just prior to the update it was working just fine in this file, but now it’s just got a ? in the middle and the circle is the wrong size.

Anything I can/should do to update/fix it?

Works for me. Do you get an error dialog or something in the macro window?

It’s working this morning. I left Glyphs open but I closed the file and reopened it and that solved the problem.

Oh you know what?! It actually seems to be that it only works on certain glyphs. Because it’s working on letters and on the question mark glyphs, but it’s not working on numbers, slash, parens, etc.

I’ve never noticed that behavior before, but it could be it’s always been like that?

What’s possible is that it gets confused with the type of glyph because glyph info is stored slightly differently in Glyphs 3, especially case.

The plug-in may need an update.

Ah, okay. Thanks for your help.

It looks like it is somehow designed to change cursor into the questionmark icon when using in glyphs from non-letter categories.
The same happens in G3 and G2.
Whenever I use it on numerals, the cursor turns itself into the questionmark.

This plugin’s code has so many nested try/except statements, it is hard to track if it is designed thing by a creator, or nasty error.

I will dig into that.

The question mark means that it can’t find the stem info. It uses the values from the Dimensions sidebar panel.

Wanted to bring this back up because I’m still finding that the gauge tool doesn’t work on glyphs in non-letter categories (for example numerals, punctuation, etc.)

A quick fix is for me to rename zero, for example, to and then I immediately have access to the tool. But is there a way to just make it work on all glyphs instead? I’d really rather not have to keep changing and unchanging glyph names.

Can you add that as an issue on the Gauge Tool GitHub page? There is also a link to the GitHub page in Plugin Manager. And then notify @oneweioranother.

@mekkablue and @oneweioranother - I went ahead and submitted the issue on the Gauge Tool Github page. Thanks for pointing that resource out to me. I had forgotten that the gauge tool isn’t a native Glyphs tool, honestly.