General sorting of glyphs inside scripts

So, here is my first post. I tried to find the answer in the forum but I didn’t. Sorry, if the answer is already here.

Is it possible to sort all glyphs of a script inside the sub-category? I would like to have all my alternates and/or smallcaps of latin, cyrillic and greek letters inside the analoge sub-category.

I have all the glyphs inside the main-categories (latin, cyrillic, greek), but not inside the sub-categories basis, west-europe, central-europ and so on. All I find it hard to keep track of things.

I think all variants of a glyph should be always sorted within the corresponding sub-category.

We have been discussing something like this already, internally.

And does that mean, that at this time it is not possible?
It would be very helpful if comming releases of glyphs would have a checkbox for this kind of sorting.

You are confusing things here. One is the sidebar entries with number badges. These are hardcoded lists. You can create your own with a list filter.

The other thing is categories without number badges. Those are based on logic, similar to a smart filter. They already work as you expect it. But their logic does not go as deep as checking if the unsuffixed name is part of one of the hardcoded lists mentioned above.

Btw, can we make a custom list with RegEx?

What do you want to achieve? Is it not possible with a smart filter?

I wasn’t sure I can make more complex filters, but as you said it turns out I can with Smart filters. I just used it with a single variable in the past :slight_smile:

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Well, technically this is surely correct. But from a designing point of view I still would like to have all variants near the base-glyphs automatically (or at least the possibility).

Of course I can make my own list filter. But I would have to keep it up to date manually all the time. Everytime I create a new glyph, or change the name from .alt to .ss01, from .ss01 to .ss02 or whatever I would have to update the List, isn’t it so? I think, this is what Realist would like to do with RegEx.

A smart filter does not need to be updated. It auto updates itself based on the logic you specify.