“generate Feature automatically” does not generate dlig

2.1.1 (768) and (789) does not generate dlig.

It does for me. Which ligatures do you have in your font?

“horizontalbar” and “horizontalbar_horizontalbar”.
“blackstar”, “uni8ECA” and “blackstar_uni8ECA_blackstar”.

v1.4.5 generated in the same glyphs file.

It advanced a little. When I closed glyphs file and opened,
(768) dlig was generated.
(789) dlig was not generated.

(789) only
“a_a-hira” (a-hira_a-hira) does generate.
But “horizontalbar_horizontalbar” and “blackstar_uni8ECA_blackstar” does not generate.
Very strange.

I needed to change the ligature code that it doesn’t picks up precomposed accented letters (in certain scripts). So it only works with letters now. I’ll fix it, that it works with Symbols, too.

I understood. Thank you.

I fixed it.

I examined 2.1.1 (791).
There are 855 names having an underscore in “MapFileAdobe-Japan1.txt” in Glyphs.app.
(Postscript: I extracted it from an old file. There are 1,219 names in the latest file.)
Of these, the number of generated names was as follows.
• dlig: 31
• liga: 3
I think that there is very little number of dlig.
Glyphs file -> https://app.box.com/s/x2bgpob36ehnck8wasut7tok6z9h0g3z