Generate glyphs via a .nam file

Is that possible? How do I create an empty glyphs file with the glyphs contained in a .nam file?

What is a .nam file?

I think he refers to files used by FontLab. What do you have in the .nam file that is not in the sidebar of the font view? There are a lot ways to add glyphs to a font.

If you like to add a bunch of glyphs, you can copy paste a list of name into the “Generate Glyphs” dialog. But that doesn’t support assigning custom unicode.

You could write a script that reads a .nam file and generates all the glyphs.

Its a text based file that contains a list of unicodes in this format: ‘0x0023’ and I was wondering how to create a glyph file with those generated.

You search and replace 0x with uni, paste the result in Glyph > Add Glyphs…, and press Generate.

ahh! why that? unicode format is not a standard ? maybe add both formats so is not confusing


The Generate Glyphs dialog accepts only valid glyph names and “0x1234” is not. You can do the replacement very easily with search and replace in any text editor.