Generate Instances decomposes smart components


why, in generated instance, all smart components are decomposed?

Glyphs Version 2.1.1 (791)

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I use this thread for my question. Mine is version 2.6.2 and generating instances still decomposes some smart components. It seems like components with default property value remain as smart components, but others don’t. Can anyone help?

I didn’t manage to make interpolated versions of the smart components that actually look the same as a decomposed interpolation would look, at least not reliable. So I rather decose them before interpolation.

What about making options for interpolating with / without decomposing smart components?

Even when it is not very accurate, interpolating smart components will reduce the amount of time to create a large East Asian scripts’ family that requires at least 3 masters but uses dozens or hundreds of smart components. Creating hairline and black’s smart components and modifying the interpolated regular’s components definitely takes less time than creating 3 master’s smart components.

What exactly are you trying to do? Can you send me an example file that I can’t try to improve this?