Generate Ligatures

I’m having troubles to generate ligatures through the “Add Glyph” panel:
All is well for e.g. “F_adieresis”, but how can i generate from glyph components with unconventional names? (E.g. “F.alt_adieresis” won’t work)

This is actually a good question. Will look into it.

For now, you would need to go the font into, Features*. Locate the liga or dlig feature and disable the “generate automatically” checkbox. Then add “sub F.alt adieresis by F.alt_adieresis;” to the feature.

*) I suppose you are using Glyphs and not Glyphs Mini.

this would do it, but i’d like to make changes to the decomposed pair.
for now, i’ll copy/paste the components manually into the ligature glyph.

You mean that the components are not automatically added? OK.

that preys on my mind as well. »build from components« seems to not work, too then.