Generated Variable file not interpolating correctly (Version 3117)

Export goes through OK, but the resulted file doesn’t work in fontgauntlet nor axis-praxis online viewers.

Attaching a minimal file with only “A” included, already exhibits the problem.

New Font.glyphs (3.7 KB)

Hello, your master locations are set to wght=0, wdth=0 in the first two masters and wght=100, wdth=100 in the second two. You want your width and weight masters to describe an axis, respectively. So, your setup needs to be as follows:

0: wght=0, wdth=0
1: wght=0, wdth=100
2: wght=100,wdth=0
3: wght=100, wdth=100

Essentially, you want your master coordinates to describe a design space that is n-dimensional for n being the number of axes you have. For two axes, that means two dimensions, which requires four corner points on your design space grid.

Hope this helps.

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Hi Sebastian,

Thanks for the quick reply. You are right, sorry, that was a stupid mistake on my part that I overlooked.