generateFont.command and TrueType

The generateFont.command scripts in the temp directories for TrueType fonts don’t create new TTF fonts when run—they just create an updated font.otf full of triangles. Is there an easy way to use these scripts to create a TTF file or do I need to build TTF files with makeOTF myself?

The makeOTF commandLine tool does not support TrueType. This is handled by the script that is called by the makeotf command.

If you need to do something you need to change the command a bit: replace /Application/ with makeotf. And font.pfa with ../Name of the Font file.ttf
But that is only the half story. The TTF file has production names, the feature.fea file and GlyphOrderAndAliasDB still has nice names. So you need to convert both.

You’re killing me with this stuff, Georg. This kind of thing is why automatically generated features need to stay in the Glyphs file instead of being added at export.