Generating feature without automatically update

Hi, I am putting the last hand on a font family, where I want to move some discretionary ligatures over into stylistic alternates and make 4 sets out of them. But since I had external help with spacing and kerning, I can’t change in the naming.

So let’s say I want to move glyph D_O from dlig to salt D_O and if I update, it automatically moves back to dlig.
I want to force it to stay as a stylistic alternate.

If I keep it disabled the feature doesn’t work. And if I change the name into D_O.ss01 it works but then the spacing and kerning doesn’t match the data I have external help for. Can you help? (I have version 2.5.2)

How about not pushing the Update button? If you manually manage your feature code, only use Compile to test your code.

Thanks for your suggestion, but after Compile click, the features still doesn’t work in Adobe Inddesign then. And if I update they disappear, or move to discretionary ligatures…

This I do not understand. What did you do that you cannot reset the glyph names?

salt is not supported by InDesign. ss01 is.

The Update button if for updating the feature code of automated features, and creating those features if they do not yet exist. It does not do anything else.

Thanks, I meant salt as in stylistic alternates. I guess you can use both .alt or .ss01.
I will do as you suggest and change the naming and use .ss01
best regards J

No, you do not need to rename the glyph. You will just have to write the salt/ss01 code manually:

  1. Font Info > Features > [+] > New Feature and call it salt
  2. Add this feature code:
lookup ligSpecial {
   sub D O by D_O;
} ligSpecial;
  1. Add another feature called ss01, and add this code:
lookup ligSpecial;
  1. Press Compile.
  2. Export and test in InDesign.

In InD, you can type »DO«, select it and activate stylistic set 1, and it should turn into the ligature. In AI, you can do the same and pick Stylistic Alternates from the OpenType panel, and the same should happen.

Hey, it works! Brilliant!
Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

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