German Capital Sharp S

I followed these instructions Localize your font: German capital sharp S | Glyphs, but Glyphs

reports an error

MakeOTF error
Ошибка: “syntax error at “sub” missing” в классе calt в строке: 1

What went wrong?(This is Uppercase only font.) I’m new on Glyphs …

You can’t have feature code in classes. You need move the “calt” into the Features category.

If it an uppercase only font, you do not need the lowercase germandbls at all. Read this:

I’m sorry, where is Features category?

Thank you. I read this, but following another instruction after removing lowercase glyphs I do this:
Glyph > Add Glyphs>A=a B=b C=c D=d E…
Glyph > Add Glyphs>Aacute=aacute Abreve=abreve Acircumflex=acircumflex Adieresis=adieresis…

With the previous font, everything was ok…

You would still not need that feature. If it is all caps, you don’t need to substitute the (non-existing) lowercase shape for its uppercase counterpart. Delete the feature, recompile, and you should be good.

Delete the entry calt you created. And press the Update Button.

Ok.I will try to do it. Thank you!

Please write in more detail, what I need to do? I deleted calt, should I delete all lowercase glyphs? I’m confused(

You can do it in two ways. The way you described, with duplicate glyphs (A=a), or the way as described in the tutorial. Both is okay.

Ok. Thank you very much.