Get hints from master

I know there’s a custom parameter ‘get hints from master’ which applies the hints from the specified master universally to all the other masters. But in a source that contains italics, or other styles, we’d like to be able to hint one upright master and one italic master (for example) and have those hints apply to the relevant other upright and italic masters. Currently I don’t think that’s possible so we need to hint each master manually? That’s going to be a lot of work with 24 masters, and if we make any mistakes doing it manually so hints don’t exactly match up between all those masters, then the interpolations will be incorrectly hinted.

Could we have this ‘get hints’ parameter on each master to tell it which master to get the hints from?

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Hello, please? :wink:

While this parameter might appear someday, have you tried doing this with a quick script? Should be very straightforward.

I’ll see what I can do. But that probably needs some deeper changes so it will take some time.

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If they’re not compatible, why keep upright and italic in the same file?

Just ease of editing, having everything in a single file means parameters need updating once, and no switching between different sources when copying paths/anchors/kerns from one master to another (we would need to have four sources in this case, upright and italic for loopless and dotted styles).

Also, even if masters are compatible, hinting is not: we don’t want vertical hints to be applied to italics.

Straightforward for people who can script, maybe, but not me :slight_smile:

I added the “Get Hints From Master” to the master parameters (will be in 3.2).

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Georg, big thanks! What a star :slight_smile: