Get the name of the glyph before the current cursor

How do I do this? I can get the string but not the glyph name…

Font = Glyphs.font
Doc = Glyphs.currentDocument
TextStoreage = Doc.windowController().activeEditViewController().graphicView().textStorage()
String = TextStoreage.text().string()
Range = Doc.windowController().activeEditViewController().graphicView().selectedRange()

if Range.length == 0:
	Range.location = Range.location - 1
	Range.length = 2

string = String.substringWithRange_(Range)

I’m trying to create a script that adds kerning for the currently selected glyph and the previous, but can’t get the previous glyph’s name.

Hm I thought I got it from here … but no it’s for the glyph index not whats in the tab…

tab = Font.currentTab
print tab.composedLayers[tab.layersCursor - 1]