Getting rejected plug-ins to work with Glyphs on macOS Catalina

I had a few customers reporting that RMX was rejected by macOS after upgrading to Catalina. Strangely, I did not manage to not get RMX to work with Glyphs on Catalina (even though I installed a fresh Catalina on an external hard drive to make sure no “accepted” flags are set for the binary).

Anyway, after playing around with how to get other rejected plug-ins to work, I think I found the right recipe (and this was confirmed to work with RMX as well):

  • When the system complains: do not move the plug-in file to the bin (i.e. klick Cancel)

  • In System Settings > Security and Privacy > General: klick Open Anyway (Make sure this refers to the plug-in. There may be something else in the pipeline.)

  • In the “Install Plugin” dialog: klick Install

  • In the Dialog “… Do you want to override it?”: klick Cancel (this is really important!)

  • Restart Glyphs

  • In the dialog “… Are you sure you want to open it?”: klick Open

  • You may have to restart Glyphs (not sure about this but it does not hurt)

This work-around should work for all rejected plug-ins.

My Apple developer enrollment has been underway for a week – hopefully I can provide you with a proper notarized version of RMX soon.

Please let us all know if you have further insights to share!


And how about us, who
override it, and now it doesn’t show up?

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