Give thickness starting from a single path

Is there currently a script to give a line a thickness?

I would like to draw one path (not closed) like we do with a pen. And it would really be a good help if Glyphs could give that line a thickness.

did you try the Offset Path Filer? Set the “Make Stroke” checkbox.

That is only in one direction per time, I still have to close both ends. But no problem, for this little thing I can use that. Thanks!

I now see for the first time the option make stroke. :open_mouth:
Thanks for pointing out!

Hi all,

while I read this stuff, I must think about an ‘idea’ for ‘special script’.
I had a lot of searches in many code-snippeds but it seems impossible for me to do that:

The question behind the idea was:

Is there the technically opportunity to ‘reverse’ the effect of ‘GlyphsFilterOffsetCurve’?
(E.g.: You got a ‘noodled’ form, and want to get back the ‘skeleton’ of the glyphs, or leastways compress the form as much as possible back to ‘thin’ (via average), that you can set the expansions again?

As I said I was looking, additionally for the ‘method’ of ‘GlyphsFilterOffsetCurve’ to make some experiments,
but can’t find. Are all the filters amenable via code?