Glitch when panning with spacebar

I’ve been experiencing this issue for a long, long time but only now I managed to figure out the steps to reproduce it.

I tend to work very fast. Clicking, dragging, panning and stuff. This leads to me pressing keys in many different ways. For panning, I usually press the spacebar, click and drag it (as you would expect it), but when I’m “in the zone” I invariably end up clicking first and pressing the spacebar a few miliseconds later. When this happens, the whole view shifts to the last mouse position of the last panning action.

These are the steps to reproduce it:

  1. Pan around a little bit;
  2. Click and hold anywhere (do NOT drag yet);
  3. Press and hold spacebar;
  4. Drag the cursor around.

Here’s a video:

Thanks for the report. I fixed it.

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