Glitches or Newbie

Hi! I just downloaded the trial today and updated to the latest version using Show Cutting Edge Versions. 2.0.2.

I have several issues.

  1. When I go to the info tab and type my name into designer field, it disappears when I reopen the tab.
  2. When I export my font, it doesn’t show any characters. I don’t know if this has to do with following this tutorial, (I deleted all the lowercase characters). I sliced and exported each character as an .esp from Affinity Designer and added it to Uppercase characters.

This is not a caching problem, first time exporting. macOS shows a blank file in preview. If I double click the the file and open it in glyph mini, it doesn’t show my glyphs.

  1. When I double click a glyph and have the type tool active, I cannot type anything.

Thanks in advance!

Can you post a screenshot of the font view and the edit view.

For text fields, you need to press return, or tab out of the field for the changes to be acknowledged.

You likely just added an image. But you need vectors in the foreground. Try copying and pasting from Affinity Designer.


Thanks for the quick reply. Here is a video of the information not saving. Also a video of adding the .eps file to uppercase characters and exporting. I am assuming the typing issue has to do with how I am adding glyphs to the app. iCloud Zip

Also about copy and pasting from affinity designer. I don’t think that is possible as I have the iPad version and continuity of pasting between Mac and iPad doesn’t work with vector information. I was following the advice from this post: Importing SVG files in Glyphs Mini

Maybe I am adding them wrong?


When you write ‘.esp’, you mean ‘.eps’, right? How do you create the .eps files exactly?

I am sorry, yes .eps. :disappointed_relieved:

I have one of the glyphs in the zip folder I posted in my previous post if you wanted to look at it. But in Affinity Designer I create a slice and choose the option “EPS (for export)”. There are other options such as EPS (for print), EPS (for web), EPS (flatten), but I assumed the first one was correct?


  1. Yes, the EPS images are added as (background) images, not as outlines. Try copying and pasting instead.
  2. The Font Info > Designer field has a bug and does not work correctly at the moment, I will file a bug report. Thank you for reporting, and sorry for the inconvenience.

I successfully copy and pasted the files into the app from the .eps file. However, on export I still get a blank otf file. I recaptured the video of adding the glyphs to the app and exporting. iCloud Video

And no problem! Glad I could help.


You can see that it is still only adding background images. Perhaps the data put into the clipboard by Affinity designer does not lend itself for pasting in Glyphs Mini. (Use the Path tool or one of the Primitive tools to see what a vector shape looks like in Glyphs Mini.)

I think I found another glitch. iCloud Video

How do I transfer my work from Affinity Designer to Glyphs Mini if I cannot copy and paste a .eps?


I can’t see your video. Can you post it again. Or add screenshots.

Sorry. I reuploaded it. iCloud Video

Also, it looks like .eps doesn’t work with glyph mini. I have to use .svg for it to work so that issue is now fixed, thanks!