Global Objects in Glyphs for using sketches

My Advanced Typography class is using Glyphs to make our own fonts this semester (yay!) and we have hand drawn each glyph and we are now ready to make them in the Glyphs program with the pen tool.
Is there any way to have the scanned sheet of sketches appear for multiple glyphs like a global object (similar to a global guide)? Or do we need to insert in the scan of the drawings for every single glyph? Or is there a base layer we can put our drawings in for the whole document?

I appreciate any insight into this!


Best is probably to open the scan in, make a selection rectangle, move it over a letter, copy, then open the respective letter for editing in Glyphs, and paste.

Or are the letters not separated in the drawings?

Yep they are separated! My current plan is to insert the scan at the right size and then continue to paste it into each glyph, I just wanted to make sure there isn’t a better way. I appreciate the suggestion!

Also, if you split the scan of the sketches into separate files, one for each glyph, and name them as the glyph name, e.g., h.jpg, then you can load them as a group in one command by selecting them. The images should get placed in the appropriately named glyphs.

See section 3.11.1 Adding Images of the Glyphs 2.3 Handbook for details:

Hope that helps.