Globally change Line Height?

@pcantrell Thanks for sharing this tip! I was experimenting with the vertical metrics recently looking to achieve a similar result as first described in the thread but ran into similar issues. I’ll have to try this out, looks like a viable workaround… but I wonder if Glyphs will automatically re-generate this code when saving or exporting?

I’ll post back here if I have any more success.

You are using Glyphs Mini?

Yes. I suspect that the problem is that I started by importing another font for reference, then erasing all of its glyphs — but retaining imported Glyphs settings that I could neither see nor edit.

(Thank you for using a human-readable file format!)

This doesn’t appear to be the case. I’m editing the .glyphs file, not the generated font, so I’m changing the input of the edit+import process and not the output.

What version of Glyphs Mini do you have?


That is strange. 2.1.4 should not pick up the parameters. Could you send me the (unfixed) file?

Sure. How should I send it? These forums don’t appear to allow DMs, and I don’t see a public email for you.

There are DMs. Click on the user icon.

I must just be incredibly dense. I don’t see it in the popup that appears when I click a user, or on the user profile page.

Below are screenshots of what I see in this form (on the left), and the equivalent two UI fragments from a different Discourse-based forum, with the “Message” button showing in the upper right as expected:

Am I somehow a unconfirmed user in this forum or something?

I converted my standard glyphs to Category “icon”, and the bounding box is 1000 w x 800 w for each one, and I am having to edit each one to make it 1000 x 1000 because I can’t find a way in the GUI to do it (note, I removed all the metrics for the font). Is there a script or something I can use to do this batch? I wasn’t sure which of the classes contains the relevant width/height information.

You should keep the “Ascender” and set it to 1000. Then all glyphs will pick it up.

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You can use this script to change it automaticlly GitHub - norflin321/font-lh-changer: tiny script to change line height of a font file using opentype.js