Globally change weight


I’ve finished my first typeface with Glyphs, but…

I think I’ve been a bit extreme when I decided on a stroke weight of 15 units.
I had in mind a very thin sans serif for display, and now I realize I’ve gone too far, I think that would be much more useable with a stroke weight around 20 or 25.

I must admit drawing has been painful, and I’d really like to avoid redrawing everything.

I can surely use the adjust path filter, but as it affects heights and widths it is only usable with horizontals, verticals and perfect circles…

How do you experts deal with these situations ?

Bear this in mind: if your UPM is 1000, 25 units at 12 point will result in a weight of .004", still in the category of hairline and really only usable at larger sizes.

Thank you for this reply.
Yes, and obviously I’ll be sure to test the font in real applications much sooner in the process.

So , no way to avoid a redraw ?

That’s hard to say without seeing the font. I would try several things first to make redrawing minimal, such as outlining the stroke and doing selective deletions of unnecessary paths, that sort of thing.

If you have a good idea of how thick you want the stroke to be in thousandths of an inch at 72 point, that would be the number of units to make it.

Don’t feel bad about making mistakes; they are the very best teachers. :slight_smile:

If you have a multiple master setup (I would recommend that), then you just need to change the position of the instances.

At the moment I only have one hairline weight. For multiple masters you need to have two opposite weights, right ?

Then leave the thin outlines like that for now and draw a heavy master.

Well, that’s the best (only) option I’ve got, hope that will be rewarding in the end !