Glyph Data error for Adlam

The Glyph Data for 1E94B is incorrect. The current name LESTOBBHERE is from an earlier Unicode proposal. That name refers to the dot diacritic (HOORTOBBHERE) when it appears below a letter. This was never encoded as it can be managed with OT code. 1E94B is the NYONDAL (apostrophe like character) which is used to indicate nasalization.

Current Glyph Data:
<glyph unicode="1E94B" name="lestobbhere-adlam" sortName="adlm088" category="Mark" subCategory="Nonspacing" script="adlam" production="u1E94B" description="ADLAM LESTOBBHERE" anchors="_bottom" />

Correct Glyph Data:
<glyph unicode="1E94B" name="nyondal-adlam" sortName="adlm088" category="Mark" subCategory="Spacing" script="adlam" production="u1E94B" description="ADLAM NYONDAL" />

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