Glyph Extra Top Space

I creating a web icon font set with a UPM of 2048. I am experiencing an issue where the font generated by Glyphs adds extra margin/spacing on top of each glyph. In order to solve this issue, I have use CSS to set the line-height to 80% to reduce spacing.

I was wondering how I can prevent Glyphs from adding the extra space on top. Here are screenshots of my settings:

Screenshot of Glyph:

Screenshot of Metrics settings:

Screenshot of Grid settings:

You set the cap height too low. Typical screen fonts have a cap height of 74% or more, and they also have ascenders and descenders filling space. Half of your em is just empty. That’s a lot of empty space.

you should be able to fix this by setting custom parameters for the instance. Set the typoAscender, typoDescender, winAscender and winDescender to the same values you used in the font info. And set the typoLineGap to zero.

Georg Seifert
Thanks Georg. Your recommendation solved the issue.