Glyph generation for scripts

In Kannada scripts, I had few glyphs already in certain code points. Then, I select all the glyphs under Kannada and generated them.

At this point, Glyphs, copied certain glyphs from other glyphs and combined in existing glyphs.

I think, I am not understanding how this glyphs generate option should be used.

  1. Am I suppose to create only certain basic glyphs and when finally when I am ready, I generate the glyphs. Then the glyphs app combines with its logic and creates conjuncts, marks, … ???
  2. If the above is true, can somebody please let me know what are these building blocks?
  3. I also want to create my own workflow with set of glyphs that automatically combines certain glyphs. How do I do it? If it can be part of my user profile, it will be great.

Hi Chandra,

Please download the Glyphs handbook for in-depth tutorials.

If you’re in Bangalore, you can come see me at our studio in Indiranagar after March 24. I’d be happy to share our workflow in addition to answering any questions you may have about how to make the most out of Glyphs. :slight_smile:

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