Glyph Incompatibility

Hey there,

I am starting a typeface in which I created a set of corner components for my thin weight and a separate set for my bold weight. When I remove a corner component to put in the appropriate corner component (so basically swapping the corner component), it makes my glyph incompatible with the other master. Is there a way to get around this? I understand why it would become incompatible once I remove the corner due to the inconsistent amount of components, but I would think when I added the new component again, it would have solved the issue.

Did you check the path direction and starting nodes?

Yep, I’ve tried all the tips and tricks that seem to usually be the issue for master incompatibility.

It really seems like the problem only arises once I need to delete a corner component to add in my new one. I would have thought the program would see that there’s now a new corner added and the issue would be fixed.

Can you try the latest cutting edge version (activate it in Preferences > Updates). It can handle those compatibility problems a bit better.

Ahh! Amazing! It looks like that helped…thanks so much @GeorgSeifert

I’m a little concerned though…I just tested by removing one of the pieces of the glyph in one of the weights and it’s not showing any error even though I have “Show Master Compatibility” turned on. Any ideas there?

Small mistakes in corner components are hard to spot. Try the script Propagate Corner Components.