Glyph Info box and changing width

Version 1.3.23 (500) OS X 10.8.3

In the glyph view grey info box, I thought it was possible to do simple math operations (plus and minus) in the width field, but it doesn’t allow that.

Is there a reason for not being able to do it? It doesn’t seem like it would impact anything else.

This only applies to sidebearings. The width depends on them. Since changing the width only affects the RSB, I suggest you work with arithmetics in the RSB.

What exactly are you trying to achieve?

Changing the width after making an adjustment to a glyph.

I see your point about adjusting only the RSB; it’s just a matter of how one is used to viewing the problem. I had never used the technique of changing sidebearing values to achieve what I needed, so I wasn’t thinking in those terms – but I certainly can adjust.

Thanks for clearing that up for me.