Glyph Info Search

Is it possible to search for Subcategory, Group or Script etc. in the Glyph Info window?
Would you consider adding this feature? Regex and case sensitivity would be nice too.

The search is for Unicode and and glyph names only. That means you can search for glyphs of a certain script by searching for its script extension, e.g. -ar for Arabic. And you can sort by column.

What for? The search is supposed to quickly get you to the glyphs you want. Can you give us a usage example where regex or a case sensitivity option would help and not hinder speed?

Well, when i type “adieresis” the result is not 1st but in the middle when sorted by name or 3rd when sorted by script. Try searching for “oe” to see what i mean.

I see. The results should be sorted better. Best matches first, like in the Find Glyph dialog.

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