Glyph library update

I want to request update to the internal Glyphs library (xml):

t: it lists caron as accents, but it should be caron.alt.
numeralsigngreek (u0374): Its category should be symbol, not letter, just like its lower counterpart (u0375).
Cyrillic lowercase isn’t being listed in the same order as uppercase. Please update the sortName of the following part:
(u044C) softsign-cy sortName=“cy084”
(u044A) hardsign-cy sortName=“cy085”
(u044B) yeru-cy sortName=“cy086”
(u0459) lje-cy sortName=“cy087”
(u045A) nje-cy sortName=“cy088”
(u0454) e-cy sortName=“cy090”
(u044D) ereversed-cy sortName=“cy091”
(u044E) iu-cy sortName=“cy096”
(u044F) ia-cy sortName=“cy083”
(u0452) dje-cy sortName=“cy097”
(u0455) dze-cy sortName=“cy089”
(u0456) i-cy sortName=“cy092”
(u0457) yi-cy sortName=“cy093”
(u0458) je-cy sortName=“cy094”
(u045B) tshe-cy sortName=“cy095”

Also this isn’t about xml, but all the language sets that you can generate from the left menu should also include relevant diacritics too in my opinion, just like Extended Cyrillic generates breve-cy (though I think it should appear in all Cyriillic sets). If you’re up for it, shall I give you the list of diacritics for each set?

You are right. Found the same problem in uppercase L. So, the lines should be: Not sure about that. In Unicode, it is registered as ‘Lm, Modifier_Letter’. The lowercase indeed is ‘Sk, Modifier_Symbol’.

u0374 is not letter and u0375 is not lowercase. They are marks differently positioned to depict Greek numerals. Lower mark is used from 1000 to "9000. For example, 1979 in Greek is written as ͵AϠΟΘʹ
(It seems that the numeral signs aren’t really used in practice though, in favour of comma and quotation mark)

Technically, what you describe is not called a mark. At first sight, I agree it should be a symbol in both occasions. It still puzzles me why one is considered a letter by Unicode, and the other a symbol. Will need to investigate a little more before we make changes, because this affects the GDEF table and thus the font’s behavior in certain environments, and perhaps it is expected as letter for backwards compatibility reasons etc.


Fixed the ordering and the carons. Waiting for a definite answer from Rainer for the greek number thing.

Additional request for update:

equalsinferior should be equalinferior.

Cyrillic decomposition
Iegrave-cy: use Ie-cy, not E
Io-cy: use Ie-cy, not E
iegrave-cy: use ie-cy, not e
io-cy: use ie-cy, not e
ushort-cy: use u-cy, not y
Abreve-cy: use A-cy, not A
abreve-cy: use a-cy, not a
Adieresis-cy: use A-cy, not A
adieresis-cy: use a-cy, not a

Also the same update on Greek accented caps please (no problem in the Polytonic part).

fixed it.