Glyph naming snafu

So I have this ligature that is supposed to trigger whenever the l follows the A.ss02 glyph. I try to name the glyph A.ss02_l.dlig, but it automatically changes to A_l.ss02_dlig. Happens when I try to name other ligature glyphs in a similar fashion.

This is correct behavior. The part before the first dot is important and needs to include all parts. The suffix with an underscore is divided and each part belongs to each base glyph.

Hmmm maybe. But then if I leave this font alone for a few weeks and come back to it later, trying to build the code based on the glyph names would make me think that this ligature is supposed to be A + l.ss02 instead of A.ss02 + l.

The new system is there to be able to precisely define what you like.

I didn’t understand intend when I was looking only at the names.

So you like a ligature of “A.ss02” + “l”. Then you have to mirror the suffixes connected with underscores, as I mentioned. And as the l has no suffix it stays empty: “A_l.ss02_” then you add the remaining suffixes with a dot: “A_l.ss02_.dlig”. But you should not need that suffix. As this ligature will end up in the dlig feature anyway.

And you need to move the ss02 feature above the dlig feature. Otherwise this ligature will never be triggered.