Glyph Order Change

What’s the idea behind the latest glyph order change in CYR for example?



Do I have to change the glyph names every second update now or what is happening?

This is not a change of the order but the script is not calculated correctly. Could you send me the names of the glyph in the “Letter, Cy” group?

first Letter, Cy:
De-cy.loclBGR El-cy.loclBGR Ef-cy.loclBGR Es-cy.ss08 E-cy.ss08 Ereversed-cy.ss08 Esdescender-cy.ss08 Edieresis-cy.ss08
(localised and stylistic versions — uppercase)

second Letter, Cy:
ve-cy.loclBGR ge-cy.loclBGR de-cy.loclBGR zhe-cy.loclBGR ze-cy.loclBGR ii-cy.loclBGR iishort-cy.loclBGR iigrave-cy.loclBGR ka-cy.loclBGR el-cy.loclBGR pe-cy.loclBGR te-cy.loclBGR tse-cy.loclBGR sha-cy.loclBGR shcha-cy.loclBGR softsign-cy.loclBGR hardsign-cy.loclBGR iu-cy.loclBGR be-cy.loclSRB a-cy.ss01 abreve-cy.ss01 adieresis-cy.ss01 u-cy.ss06 ushort-cy.ss06 umacron-cy.ss06 udieresis-cy.ss06 uhungarumlaut-cy.ss06 ie-cy.ss08 iegrave-cy.ss08 io-cy.ss08 es-cy.ss08 e-cy.ss08 ereversed-cy.ss08 esdescender-cy.ss08 schwa-cy.ss08 edieresis-cy.ss08 […]
(localised and stylistic version — lowercase, plus all CYR small caps)

Thanks. I just uploaded a new version that fixes this.

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Danke Georg!
Works perfectly!