Glyph order ornaments in Adobe Indesign

Is there a way to keep ornaments seperated from “regular” glyphs within the glyph palette? Just to make the order a little clearer for users …

Thank You!


What did you choose as the order in the glyph panel?

In german “Gesamte Schriftart”. I know about displaying ornaments only but many other might not. The question is: is it possible within “Gesamte Schriftart”?

I mean the “Glyphen sortieren” setting?

sorry :slight_smile:

the above is sorted by unicode.

This one by CID/GID:

Then you need to set a custom glyphOrder in Glyphs.

Thank You, I’ll try!

The custom glyphOrder works fine with CID/GID. Thank You!

Is there also a way to change the order when sorted by Unicode?
The default setting in Indesign is “Sort by Unicode”, so, this is what most people use …


Well, you could apply a PUA Unicode value to otherwise unencoded glyphs and control the sorting that way. But it is a hack and I would only do it if this is really of utmost importance.

the swashy characters as well as the ornaments do have PUAs but Indesign seems to ignore them: when sorted by Unicode the order is like the first screenshot:
B | B.fina | B.init | B.ornm …

That is because they are listed in aalt, I assume. But I am not from the Adobe InDesign team, you know.

I thought so :slight_smile:

So, as a summary:
There’s no way to influence the order within the IND glyph-panel when sorted by Unicode.

Is there a way to better control Unicode order?
I want this kind of icons on the end of the panel, however since I created some SSets for them, they are next to certain glyphs (A, B, etc).

Can I fix this? Can I write the feature in a way to avoid it?
They are already on the end of my glyphOrder.

Works fine with the GID order.