Glyph Palette suggestion

I suggest letting the users see the anchors of the components. And the option to copy them if needed. Why? Because when I import the component from the Glyphs Palette to my open glyph, I need to know what anchor this component has to put the other anchor so it will connect. I hope it makes sense to you. Right now, I need to double-click to enter the original shape and see the anchor > copy it > Double click again on the other component > Paste it > Delete the other component… I’m just wasting a lot of time doing it. Thoughts?

Maybe a good idea in View option to add preview for all the anchors that the components will inherit. If not officially, I can make it an external plugin. I am talking about edit view instead of glyph view, but I suspect it will do good enough job for you.

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Sounds good. There is also a need to copy/paste the anchors. Not just to view them.

Why copy-paste the anchors to the component glyphs? Do you want to override the inherited ones?

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I copy/paste them and add/remove the “_” so it will connect to the current glyph.

For the record to everyone, I had a meeting with MNT and understood that this is rather special case and I offered my help to make a script and plugin.


I also made such a plugin years ago for my own needs. I just had not the time to port it to Glyphs 3. When one needs it, it is very handy. Especially in situation with rotated or flipped components.

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