Glyph properties don't stick

When selecting a bunch of glyphs with different properties, clicking cmd-alt-i doesn’t always parse the properties correctly. I think it’s meant to show – if they have different properties, but if any of the glyphs has ‘no value’ for its properties then that seems to get ignored. That means its properties are displayed as the same as the other glyphs in the selection, and it can’t be adjusted except by cancelling and then reselecting that glyph individually and setting its properties.

Please also give the script names in that list Initial Caps. Proper nouns should always be capitalised, and the lowercase country names make it harder to scan the long list quickly.

The property stickiness sounds like a bug. Though I could not reproduce it in build 3075. When I turn on the checkbox, it first gets the semi setting. And if I click it again, it gets checked, and the script gets set for all selected glyphs, as expected.

Are you also using the latest build? Can you perhaps describe steps for reproducing the issue with a new empty file?

This may end up being a bit more complicated. It is historically grown, and the strings used are the same that you use to access the glyph properties programmatically. Will think about it. Perhaps it can be set to ignore case after all.

This has been a bug for a really long time. I’m currently on version 1350.

Steps to reproduce:

  • add a new glyph, for example three-pao.
  • by default, this gets ‘no value’ ticked for every property.
  • select a bunch of glyphs including this one.
  • try to adjust properties to ‘myanmar’, ‘number’, ‘decimal digit’.
  • three-pao stays ‘no value’.