Glyph renaming bug

I’m running into a strange bug when I try to rename a glyph. I have a ligature called “o_f_f”, I duplicated it to create the ending form of the glyph (.fina) but when I try to rename it to “o_f_f.fina”. The name automatically changes to “o.medi_f.medi_f.fina.fina”. I don’t have any glyphs with the .midi extention. It’s doing this to for any ligature glyph I try to rename or generate. “x_x.fina” becomes "x.medi_x.fina.fina "
Running version 2.6.2 (1245)

Try the latest beta please. Go to Glyphs > Preferences > Updates, activate both checkboxes and press the Update button.

I’m still having this problem with the latest cutting edge version (1266). Trying to name a glyph “l_l.fina” and it automatically names it “l.medi_l.fina”. Very annoying.

For now, use l_l._fina (extra underscore after the dot). The fina only applies to the second l in the ligature.

Glyphs shouldn’t take over glyph naming at all in my opinion. Users should have complete control over what they want to name a glyph

You can enable Font Info > Other Settings > Custom Naming.

I fixed this.