Glyph running slow

Hello everybody,

i’m migrating from fontlab and this month i have tried to edit my very first typeface entirely with glyph. I like very the way glyph makes intuitive most design part, but i’ve found the part of drawing glyph (moving points, components, control bezier anchors etc) incredibly slow. Every time i want to control a point, the software respond to me with a lag that make impossible to draw a correct curve. The problem could be that i’m working with three master? Or it is my computer that could not handle the task (macbook pro El Captain i7, 16gb ram)? Anyone have the same problem?
Thank you in advance for any suggestions

How many nodes do you have per glyph. Can you send me a screenshot from your setup?

You mac is more then fast enough for Glyphs.

This is a grab from my setup. I always try to keep the number of nodes of a glyph as low as possible, in this case about 27 nodes. I have switched off all the views cause they are slowing down the workflow a lot

Stem Thickness is processor-intensive. Make sure the Stem Thickness plug-in and Glyphs are at the latest versions.

Consider updating to a newer version of the operating system. Some functions in plug-ins assume availability of certain system functions that were not available before 10.12 or 10.13. If you see a lot of red error messages in the Macro Window, then that’s a clue.

(You can also try the latest beta of the app. Go to Glyphs > Preferences > Updates, activate both checkboxes and press the Update button.)

Generally what slows down Glyphs:

  • a lot of text in Edit view
  • the preview area at the bottom is processor-intensive when open, and more so with a lot of text
  • active reporter plug-ins (View menu items) written in Python

I’ve upgraded to high sierra and to the newest cutting edge version of Glyphs and it’s getting better. I have to switch on and off continuously the view report (expecially the ones i need every time: stem thickness, top and bottoms, master compatibility). It’s still not fluid but good enough.

Thank you very much for your time and your help.

I have run into some performance issues lately as well, mainly short hangs with spinning beach balls. If you can reproduce it, please watch what happens in (you can type Glyphs in its search field to filter relevant results), and report back here.