Glyph selection

When trying to select several glyps (font view) using shift key (and command, if necessary) in order to select more than one, does not select glyphs if they are in different rows in the font window.
Does it make sense? or might I miss anything?


I’m not sure what you mean. I can select items from more than one row just fine. Can you explain the issue in more detail?

Sometimes it works fine, but sometimes it’s impossible to select several glyphs (font window) if they are in a row below or above. When trying to select them (with shift pressed) the glyphs just blink and deselect. Not all of them are selected.

Hi all,
I think, what Andreu refers to is the following behavior: Once you have a single glyph or a couple of glyphs selected and you click and drag (using either shift or command), the existing selection will be lost (see screen cap below):


It might be nicer if you could extend the glyphs selection using [command-click-drag] or [shift-click-drag].


Sorry, here’s the image:


This is very strange. It works perfectly for me. I can cmp+click+drag as I like…