Glyph Specific Marks - Uogonek

Hi All
Connecting an ogonek to an uppercase U and in a way that makes the combined glyph look smooth and whole always seems to require me making a custom version of the combining mark.
I usually decompose my and manually adjust it. However this doesn’t seem like the best way to do it as it can shift as adjustments are made.
I’ve tried making custom matching anchors (without and with underscore) but I can’t get them to anchor/align. I’ve looked at the manual (8.1.10 Combining Path and Components) but can’t figure it out. Should I make a nested version of 'U_customogonak" and then use the component for Uogonek?

What I do: I use an alternate ogonekcomb.U. I usually do this for ogonekcomb.e.

Thanks. Sounds good. How do I do that? I made glyph with that name, added the _ogonek anchor but still won’t make the components align.

Perhaps auto alignment was disabled?

I figured it out using the advice you gave here: Attach diacritic to another anchor

Can I use the same technique to attach a swash component to a base letter?

Not exactly sure I understand the question. Any technique for combining components, you can use for anything you like. You can use mark attachment, ligature composition, and cursive attachment.

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OK, Thanks. I’ll have a play around with it.

I had a similar case recently, and after quite time intensive investigations it turned out that nothing was wrong with anchors or components, it was simply a matter of false order of components (must have happened somehow during decomposing and adding new components). What helped me was to cut out and then paste the new built component in all masters – after that everything aligned perfectly. (Maybe checking »fix compatibility« would have done the same job).

Thanks! I did similar, cleaning the base glyph and added components and all seems to be working as expected.