Glyph view feedback

Visual prompts and reminders are good. Is there any way to get feedback on the font view to show if a glyph has hints, unicode (issue or double encoded). I use colours at the moment but its overkill and means I can’t have more than one visual note.

Is there a plugin that adds markers or flags to the glyph tablet in the font view?

It would be great if Glyphs could have this as a setting in prefs to add visual marks automatically.

I would rather use filters in the sidebar. Because if you like to check certain thinks that are rather rare, how likely is it that you find a few glyphs among 1.000 or 10.000 glyphs?
What do you mean by unicode issues?

For the hints you can make a smart filter. I have one for hinted glyphs, glyphs containing components, outlines only etc., it’s a pretty powerful system.

I’ve had a look and yep I can use that as a checking tool :+1:t2: