Glyph width

The sidebearings are really useful with the possibility to get values from other glyphs and do the calculations. How about doing similar with the width box?

With the diacritics, if I could put the components masters name to the widht box (=H), AND IF this glyph would also contain that same H component, it would keep the component glyph exactly the same widht as its masters and the relative position of the component as well.

And what should happen if there is a conflicting value in LSB or RSB?

This already works if you use anchors.

The glyph value inserted into width box would override both SB values? Yes anchors are possible, I just thought that this would be a simpler and faster way to handle diacritic glyphs. Just type in the master glyph name and all will follow suit (if the component with the same name is there).

Did you read this:

The handling of accented glyphs is something that is one of the key features of Glyphs as it is very easy and very reliable.

Using metrics keys for accented glyphs would not work for all glyphs where the accent is wider than the base glyph (like dieresis).

There are a few useful applications of a width key like the “Q” if it has a long tail. Then you could sync the LSB and the width.

I have seen the tutorial. I was suggesting an alternative way to do things.

I’d like to keep all component glyphs the same width as the base glyph and deal with possible collisions in kerning. I think fiddling with anchors is just overly complicated process when I simply want to keep base/component glyphs widths in sync.

The width is synced automatically. Thats the hole point. You don’t need to do anything to keep them in sync.

The anchors are only a really fast way to position the accent. You need to position the anchors in only a few base glyphs and get perfect accent positions in hundreds of glyphs.

Building diacritic letters without anchors is much more complicated and messy than with anchors. It is only that you have to use anchors (I’ve been using it all the time in FontLab too). Honestly, I don’t see the benefit of avoiding anchors. Of course you might not want to in some glyphs, but you can always disable it on per layer level.

Having said that, accepting metrics link in the width field is a totally valid request, as I’ve been also asking for from time to time.