GlyphData.xml for Kannada, Telugu

Hi Georg,

I’m trying to change a few pre-defined sub-categories for Kannada for alternate subscript characters. They need to be defined as spacing and not non-spacing as it does currently. I can’t find any information on Kannada in the current GlyphData.xml file. I’ll also need to do this for Telugu.

Are there any resources available for this? Is it possible to export an xml file that lists this from the current font file when its not available on GlyphsData.xml? It’ll make it much easier to redefine it from this new file and combine it with GlyphsData.xml rather than writing-out the entire thing as it’s working great in most cases already.


Select them in the font tab, hit cmd+opt+i, and you can make the changes within the font. This feature has performance issues that can freeze glyphs so it’s best to do this one glyph at a time.

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This is magic :smiley: Thanks a tonne!

@GeorgSeifert Any chance you could fix it so it doesn’t take an impossibly long time when updating info on a bunch of glyphs together?

I should also mention that keeping custom data in the font itself makes more sense if you’re collaborating, doing a F/OSS/Libre release, or just want that data archived.

I fixed it already. Will be much better in the next version.